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A policy of the Community for the promotion of industry and technology in the aeronautical sector. Communication from the Commission to the Council. COM (72) 850 final, 19 July 1972.

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,•. "- . COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEhN COMMUNITIES A POLICY OF THE COMMUNITY FOR THE PROMOTION OF INDUSTRY ANp T~C~NOLOGY IN THE AERONAUTICAL SECTOR Communication from the Commission to the Council dated 19 July 1972 Customer Note Completed set by Customer Customer Text Box Customer Note Completed set by Customer Customer Note None set by Customer Customer Text Box COM (72) 850 finalnull Customer Note Completed set by Customer User Rectangle ·- COJYil'IUNICATION -· IMPLJJ"Eifl'IliTG 1:PEXTS - ANTJEXES Introduction 1. The difficulties 2. The histo1'iccl r:3asons 3. Coinpoti·l;ive~1oss o..nd the r::c.rl~et 1 3 3 5 6 4. Size of firms 12 5. Iuternn:tion.:1l cooperdion 14 6. Gcverrunent intervention 17 7. PrcspGcts 1:8 1. The choice of strategy 22 2. The conoiitions m:edecl for success 23 3. rrho Cl.S regc.rd.s tho market 25 4. Tho aim as rEJgarcls the structure of th<~ industry 29 5. The air.1 as rege_rds ;::~otion by the public authorities 6. The dovetc:.iling of prograrames 7. Prepnrc.tions for the hnrmoniz2-tion of progr['1]1lncs 1. Financing problems 2. The removnl of tho obstnclcs to mc.,rkot penctrdion (a) Customs problons (b) Tho ce1·tificato of G.irHorthiness (c) Lc.,ying-dovm of stcndards 3. P:rot<wtion of c.dvo..nced research 4. St.J.tistics H1PLEHENTATION OF THE PROPOSALS contained in the present con~ux.cication 31 32 34 38 47 47 49 51 52 53 55 - 1 - Int roduct i.o11. Part 4 of the Hmnorardum from the Cow1ission to the Council on the ColTlnunity Industrial Policy (Brussels i9'(0) stressed the special problems that arise i:1 the ruajor sectors of advanced tecffi1ology and tried. tc set out tl~e possible gu.idelinos for a common or concerted policy of li1dustrial dGvelopment in those sectors. On this basis) and tnking due note of the information gleaned from the discussions and cons·-.1.1 tat ions tha-t have been held since the Her,;orandum 'L'JaS submi

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