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Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
  • Teknik Elektronika
  • Design


Final project aims to create 6 Audio Video Input Selector ATmega8 Microcontroller Based. This tool is expected to serve to help the community to facilitate the operation of audio video selector switch without using a manual system. This tool was developed in several stages, namely, (1) Identification of Needs, (2) Needs Analysis, (3) Design System, (4) Hardware Design, (5) Design Software, (6) Technical Operations, and (7) testing Tool. The device is realized by combining several sisitem the power supply circuit, rellay, push button, 16x2 line LCD and microcontroller ATmega8 as a processing unit. Software design as a control program on ATmega8 microcontroller is using the C language compiler and software as its CVAVR. Testing of this tool by selecting one of six buttons to the desired menu to the next input will be connected to the audio video output. At the time the process is rellay serves as a link, each channel consists of three relays, each of which connects the right audio / righ, audio left / Left, and Video from input to output. For audio output amplifier can be connected to the voice / video amplifier to be connected while on TV, Viewer, or other video media viewer which has RCA jack input facilities. The tool also displays the current video audio text through media LCD viewer. After testing, it can be concluded that the tool can work according to plan. This tool can load six audio video input using RCA jacks.

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