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Internetpublicering på Familjehemsbanken - en studie om hur barn och unga som ska familjehemsplaceras framställs i annonser på internet

Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan
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  • Ethics
  • Media
  • Children And Young Adults
  • Stigma
  • Foster Care Placement
  • Etik
  • Barn Och Unga Vuxna
  • Familjehemsplacering
  • Social Sciences
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Philosophy


The aim of this study was to shed light on how children and young adults that were subject to foster care placement were described in the advertisement of the Swedish website Familjehemsbanken, according to the fourth and eighteenth guideline of Consolidated Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice. The purpose of our study was to problematize how children and young adults were described in the advertisements by theorizing about stigma and the analytic concepts; ethnicity and socio economic status. Our empirical data consisted of 36 advertisements from the webpage Familjehemsbanken. The method we used is a qualitative content analysis in which we proceeded from a social constructivist scientific point of view. Through our analysis we were able to investigate power relations and social consequences in society. We identified five categories through our search which are; Diagnosis/psychosocial problems, schooling, personal qualities, ethnicity and denomination of age. We came to the conclusion that children and young adults that are described in media need better protection in accordance with the ethical guidelines. Keywords: Media, ethics, children and young adults, stigma and foster care placement. Nyckelord: Media, etik, barn och unga vuxna, stigma och familjehemsplacering.

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