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Short term effect of chicory root fibre on appetite ratings and energy intake

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DOI: 10.1016/j.appet.2013.06.076


It has been shown that certain fibres can enhance satiety and lower energy intake. This effect largely depends on food matrix, degree of hydration and dosage. Dried chicory root pulp (CRP) is a good fibre-source. After inulin is extracted from chicory roots, the remaining CRP still contains much dietary fibre. We hypothesized that adding CRP to foods may enhance satiety and lower food intake. Moreover, we expected a larger effect when CRP is in a hydrated food (semi-liquid) than in a solid food (granola-bar). We performed a randomized crossover trial with five treatments: a high fibre semi-liquid (14g CRP), a low fibre semi-liquid (7g CRP), a control semi-liquid (no CRP), a high fibre bar (14g CRP), and a control bar (no CRP). Data of 15 lean men (20±3years) and 15 lean women (21±3years) were included. Satiety feelings were rated before and multiple times after consumption of the foods. Ninety minutes after consumption, ad libitum energy intake was measured at lunch. High fibre foods enhanced satiety feelings more than their controls (p-values<0.05). The bars enhanced satiety feelings more than semi-liquids (p-values⩽0.01). The low fibre semi-liquid did not differ from its control (p=0.09). Energy intake was not affected by addition of CPR (p=0.44). In conclusion, addition of 14g CRP enhanced satiety feelings in both semi-liquid and solid foods. In contrast to our hypothesis, the solid product with CRP was the most satiating. No effect was found on short term energy intake.

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