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Priority actions in the youth field. Activity report 1993. Report from the Commission. COM (95) 90 final, 27 March 1995

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Brussels, 27.03.1995 COM(95) 90 final REPORT FROM THE COMMISSION Priority Actions in the Youth Field Activity Report 1993 Contents . ; I. · Introduction · General objectives of the Resolution Ill. Operational infrastructure IV. · ·. Progrcs·s and results of activi_ties supported · ·by the European Commission in )993 ·· V. Future perspectives Annexes . · :I .2 2 r 2 .15 . 17. .Priority Actions in the Youth Field Activity Report 1993· . I. Introduction Further to· the. European Comm.ission's Memorandum "Young People in the European Community" • 1 ·, and recognising the need·.for further-cooperation in the field ofyouth the Ministers responsible for youth maucrs in the 'Members States of the European Community adopted a Resolution on· Priority A:ctions in the Youth Field2 on 26 June 1991 ... . 2. The Resolutio-n was designed to pro~ ide new scope for Community action in the youth sector, and set out four· areas of priority action : Action 1: Intensification of Cooperation between Structures responsible for Youth Work in the Member States; Action ll: Information for Young People; Action 01: Youth Pilot Projects - Stimulating the fnitiati:ve and the Creativity of Young People; Action IV: Cooperation in the Training of Youth Workers,' particularly with regard to the European Dimension: 3. For I 993, the. European Parliament renewed the endowqtcnt of the specific budget line (B3-l 0 12) it had created for the Priority Actions in the Youth Field for 1992, increasing the amount to 5.5 MECU, which enabled the European Union to accord financial support to activities ,...-ithin the framework of the Resolution. In endowing the budget line for the Resolution on Priority Actions the European· Parliament com mente~ that the sum would also serve to support: Exchanges _of Young People for Cultural Purposes in the European Union; Support for Initiatives of Community Interes

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