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Implementing multicultural music education in the elementary schools' music curriculum

McGill University
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  • Music -- Cross-Cultural Studies.
  • Multicultural Education.
  • Education
  • Musicology


The study examined the benefits of implementing multicultural music education into an elementary school's music curriculum. Conducted in a region with a culturally diverse student population, the study surveyed in-service music teachers and elementary students' parents on their perceptions of multicultural music education. Meanwhile, a set of experimental classes focused on Chinese music was taught to a diverse class of Grade 5 students to study their reactions and learning outcomes when studying non-Western music. Results indicate that (a) multicultural music needs to be better implemented in Ontario's music curriculum, (b) students receive non-Western music with enthusiasm, and (c) if taught responsibly, learning music from non-Western cultures can expand individual students' musical and cultural horizons, help eliminate stereotypes and discrimination in society, and possibly elevate the status of music education in schools.

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