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Bulk sedimentology of core PS69/335-1a

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.738123
  • Ant-Xxiii/4
  • Calculated From Weight/Volume
  • Carbon
  • Organic
  • Total
  • Density
  • Density
  • Dry Bulk
  • Density
  • Grain
  • Density
  • Wet Bulk
  • Element Analyser Cns
  • Elementar Vario El Iii
  • Element Analyser Cs
  • Leco
  • Giant Box Corer
  • Imcoast
  • Impact Of Climate Induced Glacier Melt On Marine Coastal Systems
  • Antarctica
  • Nitrogen
  • Total
  • Polarstern
  • Porosity
  • Potter Cove
  • King George Island
  • Antarctic Peninsula
  • Ps69
  • Ps69/335-1
  • Water Content Of Wet Mass
  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Geography


STABLE ISOTOPE RECORD AND LATE QUATERNARY SEOlMENTATION RATES AT THE ANTARCTIC CONTINENTAL MARGIN H. GROBE1.A MACKENSEN1• H.-W. HUBBERTEN1• V. SPIESS2, and D. K. F1JlTERER1 JAI!red-Wegeller-lnstitut filr Polar- "lid Meeresforschung Columbusstrofte 0 ·2850 Bremernaven, F.R Germany 2UIliversjtal Bremen FachbereiJ:h Geowisseruchaften, 0 ·2800 Bremen, F.R GemllllfJ ABST RACT. Four cores Irorn the Ant arctic conliDCntaJ margin tcceted between .50 and 200 Icm Irc m the present-day iee·~elf edge, were setected ror sedimenlologiea l aDd mass spectroeterer analyses.. The rU"Sl sta~ isotope records of lhe Sou thc:rn Polar Ocean can be correlaled in delail with global isotope st raligra pby. Together wiLb magnclOSlratigraphic, sedimentGlogical and micropaleonloklgical dala, the record provides stratigrapbic and paleoceanographic information back 10 lhe JaramiUo Subehron (910 ka). A1tboug.b the isotope values have been altered by diagenetic processes in the sedimeats, which are poor in c:arbonale , an interpretalion i5 possib le using eorretauoe with the scdirnenlologicaJ parameters, Oxygen isotope data give indical ions ror a meltwat er spike at tbe beginning of inlerglacial!, when large ~Iemelting or parts or the ice-shelves took place. The syndrroDous record of lhe ben lhK:and planktit.: 6 C signaJs re£ka oontin uous bottom waler rorm ation also during gbcials. Primary productivity was 5UictJy red uced during glacials due 10 coettescus ice CO\ocrage in lbe Wcddcll Sea. The climatic improwcmenl al the beginning of an interglacia l is lISSOci:llcd with peak values in biologk adi\;ty lasting Ior about IStyr. During oee climatic cycle , mean sedimentation rates at the continental margin decrease with increasing dislance Irom the continent from S.2 to 13 cm/kyr. Maximum sedimentation rates or 25 cm/kyr at the beginn ing or an interglacial and minimum .sedimentation rates of 0.6 cm/kyr during glacial periods have been calcula ted . Th ese rates are mainly controll ed by movements of the ice-shel

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