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Funcionamento metaforico na propaganda : um estudo enunciativo da argumentação

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  • Analise Do Discurso
  • Semantica
  • Metafora
  • Linguistics


Our purpose in this study is to analyse through the linguistic materiality that composes the corpus, the argumentation that appears in the statements of the propagandas of tennis shoes. We sought to understand the meanings that are being produced in the wordings of the texts of these propagandas. We propose to investigare the functioning of the wordings of the metaphors in the propagandas and to understand how the metaphoric game happens in the process of the construction of the meanings of than statements. Our corpus is composed of publicity propaganda of tennis shoes shown in magazines that are sold all over the country. First we will be approaching the concepts of words, the argumentation and the terms of Discourse Analysis used in this paper. We will use semantics and analyse how the argumentation is built and how the metaphor is functioning in these statements. Our reflections will be in the area of historical semantics of discourse in an articulation with the domains of the Discourse Analysis through the French perspective. The propaganda discourse depends heavily on the metaphoras a recourse to elaborate a great part of this publicity texts. In the development of our analysis we percieyed that the construction of the discourse of these propagandas happen through the mechanism of anticipation, that is, the speaker as he speaks builds the imgge of his/her interlocutor and imagines that he/she thinks they need the product that is offered in the propaganda. 80 it is the anticipation mechanism that regulates the argumentation, making it possible for the subjects of the statements to adjust their speech according to their purposes, and this adjustment happens through images that are in the statements. The metaphor plays an important role in the texts analysed. It is through the metaphoric functioning that the argument is built. In other words, the argument builds itself and is built (that is in the enunciative process developed by the metaphor)

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