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Assessing strength and power in resistance training

Journal of Human Sport and Exercise
Publicaciones Universidad de Alicante
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  • 1-Rm Test
  • Progressive Load
  • Velocity
  • Power
  • Educación Física Y Deportiva


Maximal Dynamic Strength is usually assessed either by the one repetition maximum test (1-RM) or by a repetition maximum test with submaximal loads, which requires the application of a formula to estimate the value of 1-RM. This value is needed to establish the objective of resistance training: such as maximum strength, endurance strength, and/or explosive strength. However, both 1-RM and submaximal tests are unable to highlight the changes produced on power and velocity. This manuscript summarizes and reviews several common strength testing protocols and proposes a novel approach that may offer greater insight to hierarchical muscle functionality.

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