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Recent Improvements in the Measurement of Aerodynamic Damping Derivatives

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  • Institut Für Entwurfsaerodynamik


The Oscillatory Motion Support (OMS), used in the German-Dutch Wind Tunnels - Low Speed Wind Tunnel Braunschweig (DNW-NWB) for the measurements of damping derivatives has undergone substantial changes and improvements. The changes in the mechanical system include a new hydraulic 6 degree-of-freedom platform for static model positioning and yaw, and a hydraulic actuator for pitch and roll. An active strut has been employed to suppress the wind tunnel model's natural oscillations. A new data acquisition system along with new data evaluation software is used. For increased accuracy, the model position is measured by a high speed video system. The new components have demonstrated their suitability in a recent wind tunnel entry with an Airbus Megaliner model.

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