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VLADIMIR PFEIFER - Ars Naturae Monumenta Croatica Fauna & Flora – an Exhibition of Nature Photography

Croatian Natural History Museum
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pheipfer.vp exhibition / izlo`ba VLADIMIR PFEIFER Ars Naturae Monumenta Croatica Fauna & Flora – AN EXHIBITION OF NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY – The Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb 18.12.2007 – 15.2.2008 Vladimir Pfeifer is a great lover of nature, of which he has a great and sensitive knowledge. For almost four decades he has been observing nature and using his camera to record, save from oblivion and bring it closer to the human eye. Through the whole of this period he has created a precious set of photographic documenta- tion about nature, about the animals and plants of Croatia. The result of this dedi- cated creative work was his 75th solo exhibition of photographs at the Glypto- theque of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, which the author has entitled »Ars Naturae Monumenta Croatica Fauna & Flora«, the aim being to point out that nature, like art, has in our homeland created numerous examples of unrepeatable beauty. Croatian Natural History Museum was honoured to organise and set this particular exhibition to present wonderful vignettes of Croatia natural beauty to the public, not just in our country but worldwide. Vladimir Pfeifer is one of those special people that do not just have an inherent awareness of nature but also do their best to make those who are a little less sensi- tive more conscious of it in a very effective and convincing way. He is a both, natu- ral historian and master of photography – although gun master by profession – who has devoted his life to nature photography, particularly to the recording of an- imals in the wild. This is a task that requires a great deal of understanding of both nature and photography, great patience, and the ability to select. It is necessary to know, then, what to take, when and of course how. Some of the lovely photos that are shown here were created without any big preparations, quite spontaneously, at a moment of inspiration or fascination with landscape, plant or some unexpected encounter w

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