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Jalisco plumipes , new genus and new species of Mexican Aphodiini (Scarabaeoidea: Aphodiidae)

Insecta Mundi
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  • Coleoptera
  • Jalisco Plumipes
  • New Genus
  • New Species
  • Mexico
  • Aphodiidae
  • Design


Dellacasaetal 69INSECTAMUNDI,Vol. 17,No. 1-2,March-June, 2003 Introduction Acompletetreatmentof theMexicanAphodiinae is our ultimate goal; however, we find it desirable to publish some of the preliminary findings to simplify futureprogress.Herewedescribeahighlydistinctive genus not closely allied to any presently known generic taxon. JaliscoDellacasa, Gordon andDellacasa, newgenus Diagnosis: species parvae, breviter ovales, convex- ae, nitidae, glabrae. Castaneae, elytris apice pal- lidioribus.Capiteepistomafortiter, regulariter,dense punctato; clypeoantice subtruncato, lateribus rotun- datis;genisprominulis;suturafrontalimutica.Prono- to confertim punctato; angulis posticis oblique late truncatis; basi immarginata. Scutello parvo, trian- gulari.Elytrishumeribusdistinctedenticulatis, val- de striatis, striis impunctatis; interstitiis planis, dense fortiter subvermiculate punctatis. Metatibiis setis apicalibus, curtulis, robustis, longitudine inaequalibus. Tarsis articulo primo longiore quam sequentibus quatuor simul sumptis; secundo, tertio quartoqueaciniformis,quintosubcylindrico longiore quamquarto;articulis I-IV longedensequepubescen- tibus. Type species: Jalisco plumipesDellacasa, Gordon andDellacasa,newspecies,byprersentdesignation. Description: small species (length 4.0-4.5 mm); short, oval, strongly convex, shiny, glabrous. Color chestnut brown, elytral apex vaguely paler. Head with epistoma coarsely, densely, evenly punctured; clypeus subtruncate, widely rounded at sides, nar- rowly bordered, border feebly upturned, glabrous; genae obtusely angulate, with very short, sparse bristles, distinctly protruding beyond eyes; frontal suture not tuberculate. Pronotum transverse, con- vex, coarselydensely, evenlypunctured;hindangles widely obtusely truncate; basenotbordered.Scutel- lum small, regularly triangular. Elytra short, oval, convex, stronglydenticulateathumeralangle; striae deep, impuncate; intersticeswithdense, coarse, sub- vermiculate punctation. Fore tibiae distally tri

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