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The sprat fisheries and their role in juvenile herring catches. Report from the Commission to the Council. SEC (89) 1931 final, 16 November 1989

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I /\ ..)t' \) ,_,..,', ,i | "r, ,.'} "$ ! THE EUROP EAN COM'I4UNITI ES '''1 ity' ''i'' " i ; Brusset s, 1 6 November 1989il"'int CO'i{MfSSION OF SEC (E9) 1 931 f i na t r RErcKr Em{ THE arfirssrol ro rHE ry ,/ rW SpReC EISUERIES eND IEEIR Bd.a IN JTwrIIILB EERRITG otfltgEs// L$ffiffiffiffiy User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle User Rectangle IJSr ffi AtvTElrxs PIFC I lt{IEtllcf,t(ls l. Background PANtr II BIC.GICEL ASSESST,nNS 2- The biology of herring in ttre North sea and the Skagerrak and Ibrtegat. 3. The biology of sprat rn the Ncrth Sea and the Skagerrak and l€ttegat. 4. the origins of ttre prdlem. 5. l4arragenrent. objectives. 6. Tlre fisheries. 6.I. ltre l{crttr Sea 6.2. The Skagerrak ard l(attegat 7 - Tlee effect of catches of jurrerrile herring in ttre fishenes for sprat dt catches of aduLt herring. 7.1. I?re Ncrth Sea 7.2. Tlre Skagerzak and l€ttegat 7.3. Sr-unnary PAnf III - EE MIU{rc AIBUTSIS G UE TNNISH MDGrcINMID EISflEffi IIT 138 SKEGERRAK AND KATIEET 8. Introdustion. 9. the size of rhe fleer.. I0. The value of tlre hnish mixed-chpeoid fishery. 11. The additionar r,alue generated by ttre mixed-clupeord fishery. L2. Tlre enrplolmerrt in the mixed-clupeoid frshery. 13. Cost benefit analysS-s of ttre aonsequences of cleirq the ni.xed-clq>eoid fi.shery, 13.1. Cene:ral L3.2. Biological effect 13.3. The total annual cst of closrrg ttre fishery 13.4. ltp oost-benefits frrqn closing tlre fishery PARf, I1I DISIISSICIT Fi-gures Tables Annex I: Sr-urnarl of Ocnmnity legi-slation -1- PANC I m 1. Badcqrourd At its meetLrlg of 9-11 Decenlcer 1988, ttre 6uncj.t adopted the folloring declaration: "The Oor:ncil notes that. the Ocnmissicn intenJs Co carry oue a tlrorough exanrination of ttre situatiqr of sprat fisheries in tlte NorLh Srs.r arrt cte Skagerrak crrd therr role Ln juvenile herrrng catches, and to sr:Irnit a retrDrg to the outcil

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