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  • Hermeneia Jurnal
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This paper describes multicultural education concept as an alternative solution to reduce racial antagonism our country. According to the writer, multicultural education is educate in which values cultural pluralism or education model that aim’s promote the transformation of the educational process to reflect the ideals of democracy in a pluralistic society and structural equality within the larger society. This concept affirms that schools should be oriented toward the cultural enrichment of all children and recognizes cultural diversity as a fact of life in Indonesia that should be preserved and extended. - fn19#fn19 Thus, one of its important goals is to help all students to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to function effectively in a pluralistic democratic society and to interact, negotiate, and communicate with peoples from diverse groups in order to create a civic and moral community that works for the common good. If we break down, there are three essential goals of multicultural education. The first, to enhance sensitivity to and understanding of others, including cultural groups in Indonesia and other nations. The second, to enhance the ability to make decisions and take effective action based on a multicultural analysis and synthesis. The third, to enhance understanding of the process of stereotyping, a low degree of stereotypical thinking, and pride in self and respect for all peoples

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