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Improved culture medium for micropropagation of Aloe vera L

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna
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  • Tropical Agriculture
  • Micropropagation
  • Aloe Vera
  • Phenolic Browning
  • Culture Media
  • Growth Hormones


An efficient micropropagation protocol was developed using lateral shoot explants of Aloe vera. Both shoot induction and elongation were better on MS medium supplemented with 4mg/l BAP + 0.2mg/l NAA + 1g/l PVP. All cultures showed shoot regeneration in this medium with 16 shoots/explant. Addi-tion of 1g/l PVP was ineffective for controlling phenolic browning of explants and culture discoloration. However, more adventitious buds (21.5 shoots/explant) developed on MS medium supplemented with 4mg/l BAP + 0.2mg/l NAA + 1g/l PVP+10mg/l citric acid+0.5g/l activated charcoal. Browning of ex-plants was minimized in this medium and elongation of micro-shoots and the growth of the plantlets were also better. Further elongation and rooting of micro-shoots were obtained when sub-cultured on to MS basal medium containing 0.5g/l activated charcoal and 100% of the survival of rooted plantlets was observed after acclimatization. Therefore, the above protocol could be effectively used in rapid mi-cropropagation of elite plants of Aloe vera. Key words: Aloe vera, Phenolic browning, Micropropagation, Culture media, Growth hormonesDOI: TARE 2010; 13(4): 87-93

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