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WBPPl. P? 1 3S"i VV i nUimtmtmmuustnttmummutmumtti TEAMER TAILE, Notlilng is acftwed before II Is thoroughly attempted, Bulletin Ad. Is lumtmtttmmmuituiuuuuttmimtttm ONE YOTE FOR I From Sin Francisco: ,' V Vcuturn ....Dec. 28 Mongolia Jan. 1 For 8an Franclico: Sierra Dec. 27 Evening BulletinAlaniedn Jan. 11 THE EVENING BULLETIN jfDoric ..........Inn, 11 $1000.00 PRIZE CONTEST.From Vancouver: THURSDAY, DEC. 1904.29,Anrniigt ..Jan. 14 For Vancouver: THIS VOTE IS GOOD FOR SEVENS Mlowcra Jan. 11 :j DAYS FROM DATE. K3:30 O'CLOCK Tempting Attempt. EDITIONtsiummuittmrnmnntmuiuammmm itmmjnmmummKHKnnHmumttaa Vol. XVI. No. 295 8 HONOLULU. TKltlilTOKY OP HAWAII, TilUKSDAY, DKOKMBKK 20, 1904 Priob 5 Gents r I ,1 la- - HARD FIGHTING THAT CARRIED ULUNGSHAN FORT WASHINGTON, Dec. 29, 1904. 'To JAPANESE CONSUL. Honolulu: Our Port Arthur beleaguering army reports at follow: "The left and center of our army at 10 a. m. on Wednesday tno pjrapet In front of the Ulungthan fort, then occupied the parapet by assault and constructed defensive works. Under the cover of our heavy guns and field guns and despite the enemy's fire, at 4 p. m, we assaulted and oceuoled the enemy's line of heavy guns In the Interior; whereupon we proceeded to the gorge of the fort, whence the enemy eventually dislodged after stout icslstance, and thus the whole fort of Ulungshan fell Into our hands at 7:30 p. m." TAKAHIRA. New Leader Strikes Speedy Pace For Contest Voters CHUN Y TIM CHAS. H. THURSTON, CHAS. LEE, W.KELLE, J. F. SYLVA, ... F. G. E. WALKER, FRANK. KRUGER, C.LUDWIGSEN,Jr., W.S.ELLIS, KOHALA CLUB, JOHN HIND, W.A.WYMAN, FRED L. BERINGER, T. P. CUMMINS, D.KEKAULIKEJr., W. W. KIRKLAND, ... ... FJSS SUTTER, ... R. BEVERLEY KIDD,... CAPT. HARRY MORSE, F. P. McINTYRE, J. W. L. McGUIRE, . . WALTER JARRET, SCATTERING, . ... Chun Y Tim has Jumped tu thn front and Chief Thurston of the I'lru Department lias been headed for the llrst time Mntn the anting In the prl.e contest began. Chun lias n number of fr

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