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Ethnicity, confession and intercultural dialogue at the European Union's east border

Ed. Univ. din Oradea
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  • Eastern Europe
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  • Identity
  • Immigration
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Contents: Mircea BRIE: Ethnicity, Religion and Intercultural Dialogue in the European Border Space; Ioan HORGA: Ethnicity, Religion and Intercultural Education in the Curricula of European Studies; Victoria BEVZIUC: Electoral Systems and Minorities Representations in the Eastern European Area; Sergiu CORNEA, Valentina CORNEA: Administrative Tools in the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Ethnic Minorities; Florica STEFĂNESCU: Demographic Determinants of the Economic-Financial Crisis; Yurjy YURIYCHUK: Ukrainian Minority in Romania: Problems of National Identity Preserving; Sonia CATRINA: Identity Perceptions and Buildings of the Hungarian Minority in Relationship with the Romanian Majority Identifications; Gheorghe SISESTEAN: Marital Strategies and Identity Changes of Romanians in Hungary (Hajdu-Bihar); Constantin-Vasile łOCA: Ethnical Analysis within Bihor-Hajdú Bihar Euroregion; Anna GORBAN: Ethnic and Socio-Cultural Aspects of Political Culture in Moldova; Mircea BRIE, István POLGÁR: Dual Citizenship Granted to Hungarian Ethnics. Context and Arguments in the Romanian and Hungarian Mass Media; Natalia PUTINĂ: The Socio-Political Dilemas of Integration of Gagauz in Republic of Moldova; Aurelian LAVRIC: Romanian Ethnic Minority in Ukraine: Current Issues and Prospects of Survival; Stelian NISTOR, Sorin SIPOS: Historical and Geographical Considerations about the Slovak Communities in the Villages of Upper Bistra Valley, Bihor County; Judit MOLNÁR: The integration Process of Immigrants in Scotland, UK and in Washington State, USA. Immigrants from Countries of the Former Soviet Union; Valeriu MOSNEAGA, Rodica RUSU: Diaspora as an Element of Cultural-Ethnic Cohesion; Valentina-Tania DUNA, Dacian DUNA: War, Migration and Societal Security: The Case of the Iraqi Kurdish Diasporas in Europe; Adrian-Claudiu POPOVICIU: Labour Migration Reflected in the Council of Europe Law; Alexandra CSEKE: Integration of Immigrants in the European Union; Kobasheni Moopen PARUMAUL: Migration in Europe Against the Backdrop of the Global Revolution - An African Perspective; Anatoliy KRUGLASOV: Interethnic Relations Stability on the Ukraine-Romania Border: A Case of Chernivtsi Region; Dorin I. DOLGHI: The Culture of Security: Perceptions and Preference Formation in the European Union; Srimayee DAM: Re-interpreting the Civic-Ethnic Divide on the European Identity; Pavlo MOLOCHKO: Peculiarities of Ethnonational Policy of Ukraine (Illustrated by the Example of the Chernivtsi Region); Dragos DĂRĂBĂNEANU: Ethnicity and Multicultural Communication in Shaping the European Social Space; Grigore SILASI, Monica BOLDEA: The Romanian Banat Region - An Example of Peaceful Interethnic Cohabitation at the Eastern Border of the European Union; Floare CHIPEA, Raluca MICLEA: The Social Frameworks of the Neighbourhood Relationships' Construction in the Cross-Border Area Bihor-Hajdú-Bihár; Sergiu BĂLłĂTESCU: Subjective Well-Being and Satisfaction with Places of Residence in the Counties at the Cross-Border Between Hungary and Romania; Aurora BENCIC, Teodor Ioan HODOR: Transdniestria. Ethnic Conflict or Geopolitical Interests?; Ecaterina CEBAN: The Role of Political Parties in Harmonization of Interethnic Relations (Case of the Republic of Moldova); Nataliya NECHAYEVA-YURIYCHUK: National Development Beyond the Nation-State: Problems and Prospects; Elisabetta NADALUTTI: Old and New Identities in the Upper Adriatic: is a Cross-Border Kind of Citizenship Emerging in Cross-Border Regions?; Dragos Lucian IVAN: Differentiated Containment: Compass and Horizon in Untying Ethhnicity and Interest within EU; Claudia Anamaria IOV: The Roma Minority - the Prospects and Limits of EU’s Social Policy, what Could or Should the EU be Doing?; George ANGLIłOIU: The Belgian Dilemma of Partition. A Pattern Study for the East.

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