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Mosses from the Mascarenes - 3.

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37 species of mosses are reported from the Mascarenes. Of these 19 belong to the genus Campylopus and 8 to Leucoloma. Three are new to the Mascarenes i.e. Campylopus leucochlorus (C.Müll.) Par., C. paludicola Broth. and C. subperichaetialis Biz. & Kilb., two are new to Mauritius i.e. Bryum truncorum (Brid.) Brid. and Leucoloma cinclidotioides Besch. and four are new to Réunion i.e. Campylopus incacorralis Herz. C. praetermissus J.-P. Frahm, C. trachyblepharon (C. Müll.) Mitt. ssp. comatus (Ren. & Card.) J.- P. Frahm and Leucoloma rutenbergii (Geh.) Wright var. elatum Ren. The variety is new to the Mascarenes.

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