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Theo dõi mục tiêu di động mặt đất bằng mô hình Hidden Markov.

Vietnam National University Hochiminh City
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  • Technology
  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Mô Hình Hidden Markov
  • Computer Science


In recent few years, there are many researches of finding the efficient method for tracking moving objects using some fundamental and traditional instruments such as GPS, video camera,… The most important task is to find out the accompanying algorithm to realize this tracking with a better precision. In this paper, an algorithm based on Hidden Markov Model (HMM) for ground mobile target tracking is introduced. The HMM is a good choice for modeling moving process because of its character in modeling sequential processes. Suppose the moving object is on a known ground plane and the HMM parameters are the motion capture data (position, speed, steering angle,…). Once the HMM for the target motion has been constructed, the Viterbi algorithm is applied to find the trajectory of the target. Some illustrating results in modeling a moving target (for instance, a mobile cell phone) will be presented. Besides, two kinds of tracking program, non-learning and learning, are compared and examined by evaluating the distant errors.

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