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シンリョウ ジョウホウ ノ ホゴ ト ユウコウ カツヨウ : デンシ ケンコウ ホケンショウ ノ ドウニュウ オ シャテイ ト シテ

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  • 個人情報
  • 電子健康保険証
  • データ保護
  • 自己情報コントロール権
  • Personal Medical Information
  • Electronic Health Insurance Card
  • Protection Of Personal Information
  • The Right Of Informational Self-Determination
  • Communication
  • Law
  • Medicine


In order to control the escalating health care cost in recent years and to provide patients with more suitable and safer medical and health services, there is a worldwide trend which promotes the computerization of patients’ medical information. In light of the electronic health insurance card introduction in Germany, this paper aims to explore a suitable legal environment which promotes the computerization of personal medical information in Japan, and allows all citizens to enjoy its benefits. In Germany, the electronic health insurance card was introduced as the first step of the high-tech medical administrative system based on information and communication technology. The system developed in Germany, allows the collection, processing, use and retrieval of personal medical information only when health insurance holders’ consent is obtained by health workers. Patients have the right to determine what personal medical information is stored in electronic health insurance cards. While in the current German situation medical and health services effectiveness and advancement might be of benefit to patients, the use of personal information in research presents several challenges.

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