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The Incas’ Myth of Origin in relation to the Island of the Sun and the Governing Legitimacy

서울대학교 라틴아메리카연구소(SNUILAS)
Publication Date
  • 잉카
  • 시조신화
  • 띠띠까까
  • 빠까릭땀보
  • 통치 정당성
  • 종교개혁
  • Inca
  • Myth Of Origin
  • Titicaca
  • Island Of The Sun
  • Pacariqtambo
  • Governing Legitimacy
  • Religious Reformation
  • Political Science


The Incas’ myth of origin is generally divided into two versions. One indicates Pacariqtambo as the place of origin and the other, Lake Titicaca. It is practically impossible to know which is correct. But the Lake Titicaca version is less convincing. However, this version has prevailed until today. There was even a version that combines both, but indicating the Lake Titicaca as the place of origin and Pacariqtambo as the place of passage. In Lake Titicaca, Sun Island with a sacred rock, indicated as the place of Incas’ origin. It is said that the Incas paid special attention to the island and built a temple of the sun. However, it seems that these events were conducted to gain political legitimacy after the conquest of that region. Titicaca version could also be a suitable material for a kind of religious reformation carried out by Pachacutec, since the Pacariqtambo version dosen’t mention clearly that the founders of the Inca were sent by the Sun.

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