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Letter from Elizabeth S. (Tibby) Russell to Joshua Lederberg

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R oscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory BAR HARBOR. MAINE January 13, 1960 Cable Address ‘JAXLAB” Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Genetics Stanford University Medical Center Palo Alto, California Dear Joshr For a shamefully long time I have had a letter from you on my desk, requesting information as to the possibility of collecting mouse serum for you. My apologies for being so slow in answering. One of the reasons for delay was that I no longer have a large colony of different inbred strains of mice in my charge. The only animals are autop- sied in respectable numbers in my own research are very old individuals of a great variety of little used inbred strains or particular Fl hybrids. There are not many of aw one kind and these do not seem to me to be the sort of material that you would find useful. Feeling that it was beyond the range of my activities to supply this material for you, I gave your letter to Dr. Green, who agrees with me that we should make an attempt to meet your request as it is, as you have indicated, a very worthwhile project. He is discussing witi our head of animal production, Dr. Warren Haag, and our business manager, the possibilities of undertaking serum collection from animals of the regular inbred strains. I trust that before too long they can provide you with some information as to how this might be handled and what the expenses would be. Sorry for the delay. With bestwishes for a Happy New Year, Sincerely, ,! ,fC: ; ! I” Elizabeth S. Russell FSR:jd cc: Dr. E. L. Green

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