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A Study on Emerging East Asian Community: Historical Obscurity & Confrontation, through Comparative Consideration on the War Crimes and the Post-war Responsibility of Japan and Germany in Relation with the Grand-designs of Modern Nation State of Japan

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Repeated troublesome issues among East Asian nations such as territorial disputes or different perceptions on modern history make us puzzled by increasing narrow-minded nationalism. For Japanese, though there are various reasons for causing conflicts, one of them must be insufficient reflection and consideration on the war-crime and sociopolitical idleness for compensation to the Asian citizens violated by Imperial Japan. For the purpose of overcoming the present difficulties to achieve better East Asian community, we need to “rehistorize” its modern history from the viewpoint of East Asian citizen not from that of irrational chauvinist. This paper has focused on consideration of the issue of the national war crimes and the post-war responsibility through comparative study of Japan’s attitude and Germany’s one, and some disputes on the different grand-designs of modern nation state of Japan.

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