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Экспериментально-клинические исследования возможности ЭХЛ в лечении злокачественных опухолей

Государственное учреждение - Медицинский радиологический научный центр Российской академии медицинских наук
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  • электрохимический лизис
  •   саркома М-1
  •   рак
  •   Electrochemicallysis
  •   Sarcoma M-1
  •   Cancer
  • Biology
  • Chemistry


In experiment an antitumoral efficiency of electrochemical lysis (ECL) was estimated on an example sarcoma M-1, some various combination of ECL parameters (current strength, time of influence) were investigated. By estimate of results we can see that with increase of parameters a percent of full tumor regression goes up. It was confirmed by investigation of the morphological section. In clinik by performance of ECL to patient with breast cancer the medicinal pathomorphism 3 stages was achieved. In observation period we haven't received the date about metastasis.

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