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Fizička atraktivnost kao odrednica sociometrijskog statusa: moderirajući utjecaj samopoštovanja i socijalne anksioznosti

Naklada Slap
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  • Sociometrijski Status
  • Fizička Atraktivnost
  • Samopoštovanje
  • Socijalna Anksioznost
  • Sociometric Status
  • Physical Attractiveness
  • Self-Respect
  • Social Anxiety


This investigation, which included 325 participants from several Zagreb high schools, studied the relationship between physical attractiveness and sociometric status, with special emphasis on whether self-respect and social anxiety are characteristics which influence the connection between physical attractiveness and sociometric status. The results revealed a significant connection between physical attractiveness and sociometric status. Persons judged to be more physically attractive enjoy a better social standing among their peers. Apart from physical attractiveness, self-respect is important to the sociometric status of women while the men also value the absence of social anxiety. An important finding of this study indicates a significant moderatory influence of self-respect on the connection of physical attractiveness and sociometric status – this connection is weaker among participants with high self-respect than is the case among those with lower self-respect, who consider physical attractiveness to be more important in the attainment of higher social status in a group of peers.

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