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Scire is a collection of lyrical and narrative poems that explores and applies science into poetry. Various aspects of science work as the bones that structure and inform the poetry and the collection looks at the parallels that exist between human experiences such as sex, death, consciousness, family relationships and scientific laws that explain natural phenomena. The poems are loosely divided into three sections. The first looks at the mythical side of science, and the poems attempt to retell these myths. The second section moves forward in time, focusing on ancient scientific understandings of the world, but applied to a contemporary setting. Finally, the third section uses current explanations of how the physical world works and the parallels that can be found in human behaviours and interactions with one another. Scire finds its cohesion theoretically in various underlying scientific histories and ideas and how these explain the human world. These become the catalysts for the poems, which are an exploration of science as the subtle gridwork that underlies human experience

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