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Staff and patient opinions on variables relevant to discharge from a mental institution.

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Differences of opinion among patients and mental health staff on variables important to discharge from a mental institution are not the cause of unsuccessful discharge and recidivism according to the findings of this investigation. Patients and mental health staff (two hundred subjects) agreed that a place to live was the most important variable to discharge. Factor analysis of the 73 item instrument used in the investigation further showed agreement among patients and staff on seven factors of importance to discharge from a mental institution. The most important factor to both patients and staff was Disturbed Behavior. This factor was considered to interfere with discharge and contained items which defined disturbed behavior in the patient. The other 6 factors were Community Social Interests and Skills, Treatment Involvement, Getting Along With Others, Community Support, Self Sufficiency, and Program Functioning which were rated by patients and staff as helping to facilitate discharge from a mental institution for the patient with schizophrenia. The subjects were drawn from a state hospital, a VA Neuropsychiatric Medical, and a private psychiatric hospital. Subjects were 98 stabilized inpatient with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and 102 mental health staff from the disciplines of psychiatry, psychology, social work and nursing. The instrument used was "The Inventory of Variables Relevant to Discharge" developed by the investigator.

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