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Perspectival Generation In/Within the Sala della Pace: Broadening the View Field of Spatialised Images.

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  • Sala Della Pace
  • Representation
  • Perspective
  • Pictorial Composition


It is everyday experience to look at a picture on a wall, (or on a computer screen) from a position that is out of alignment with its perspective, and then make a mental adjustment so as to allow for and ignore the distortion which results. To understand the limits and problem of this compensation it is necessary to look at works where there is an explicit attempt to relate the space of an image and the space in which the image exists. One such exemplar is the Sala della Pace, painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in 1338-40. The Sala della Pace may be of particular value today in helping us understand and evaluate the rapidly developing capacity of digital technology to represent dense visual and spatial information. Through Lorenzetti's amalgam of multiple zones of extromissive generation within the images of the Sala della Pace, Lorenzetti's work suggests a potential compositional technique that subverts the reduction of spatial representation to a singular point of perspectival generation by broadening the view field in which to receive and construct multiple spatialised images. It is the aim of this paper to explore spatial concepts in Lorenzetti's painting that may inform the way in which we conceptualise the spatial representation of both real and fictive space in/within images.

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