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Mythologies as the Constitutive Element of Contemporary Political Discourse

Croatian Sociological Association and Jesenski & Turk Publishing House
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  • Argumentacija
  • Retorika
  • Mitologija
  • Ideologija
  • Politika
  • Nacionalizam
  • Oswald Ducrot
  • Argumentation
  • Rhetorics
  • Mythology
  • Ideology
  • Politics
  • Nationalism
  • Oswald Ducrot
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Religious Science


The speech of former president of the Republic of Slovenia dr. Janez Drnovsek is used as an concrete example for showing, by applying various methods and especially Oswald Ducrot’s polyphonic theory of argumentation in language-system, that of that argumentational and rhetorical figures in discourse are not external to the language-system but are on the contrary an essential part of the language-system itself. In practice it is also impossible to distinguish purely rhetorical figures from argumentative elements in the discourse. The text exposes some mythological elements of the national ideology which then serve as a starting point for the critique of dominant ideology in general.

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