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Socialism in the Meiji era of Japan (2) : the influence of socialism in the earliest stages of Meiji era

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Mita Journal of Economics Socialism in the Meiji Era of Japan (2)一 The Influence of Socialism in the Earliest Stages of the Meiji Era . by Kanae Izda This es^ay consists of three parts as follows: 1 . ‘ Shakaito-Sabim, (An Essay on Socialist Party), by Saizo Ishitani and European Socialism,. 2. Socialism and Social Policy in * Kokka-teki-Shakairon, (' State Socialism ’) by Teikichi Shiba,. and 3. Sobo-Kiguen Nihon-no-Shakai (An Observation on the Society of Japan by a writer ’). The features of the socialism in twenties of the Meiji are found in the phenomenon that the- government was endeavouring to propose the policy for relief of the labouring poor who had been incrGasing their number, and European socialism had been giving a fresVi impulse to the intelligent people. The introduction of socialism in twenties of the Meiji Era was preparation for development of the socialist movement which attained culminating point at thirties of the. Meiji Era. The introduction of socialism in this period was coloured with social-political proposal which had been based on European socialism. In this sense, these three essays are very fascinating and brides have common characteristics. The work of Ishitani is a pioneering study which dealt with the labour problem. It is very natural that he had studied classical economics as the instrument for analysis of the social problem. It seems he is one of scholars who had read "Wealth of Nations'* and works of John Stuart Mill, especially, "The Principles of Political Economy'*. He infers many notes from- following books, for instance, ' French and German Socialism ’,by Richard Ely, ‘ Studies in Modern Socialism, by T. Edwin Brown, and Socialism, by John Stuart Mill. His work consists: of the following fifteen chapters. 1 . The poor 2. Poverty 3. The relief of the poor and philanthropy 4. Strike 5. The Invention of Machinery against Civilization 6. Co-operation 7. The Outline of European Socialism 8. The Interpretation of the Socialist W

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