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Friction Performance Optimization of Chemically Deposited Ni-P-W Coating Using Taguchi Method

ISRN Tribology
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  • Chemistry


The present study considers the friction behavior of chemically deposited Ni-P-W coatings and optimization of the coating process parameters for minimum friction using Taguchi method. The study is carried out by varying the combination of four coating process parameters, namely, concentration of nickel source, concentration of reducing agent, concentration of tungsten source, and annealing temperature. The friction tests are conducted in a plate-on-roller configuration by keeping the coated sample fixed against a rotating steel roller. The optimum combination of process parameters for minimum friction coefficient is obtained from the analysis of S/N ratio. Furthermore, a statistical analysis of variance reveals that the concentration of nickel source solution has the most significant influence in controlling friction characteristics of Ni-P-W coating. The surface morphology and composition of coatings are also studied with the help of scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersed x-ray analysis, and x-ray diffraction analysis.

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