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Klimakterij i postmenopauza (The Climacterium and Postmenopause)

Sestre Milosrdnice University hospital and Institute of Clinical Medical Research; [email protected]
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14Book reviews.p65 Acta clin Croat 2002, 41:357-360 Book Reviews Acta clin Croat, Vol. 41, No. 4, 2002 357 BOOK REVIEWS UROLOGIJA KOJA TO NIJE (UROLOGY DENYING ITS NAME), by Nikica Rado , BHZ Zagreb, 2002, 179 pages ISBN 953-6928-03-5 The last decades of the past millennium were charac- terized by the sudden inroad of technology into clinical medicine. The message of the text from the above title re- sists the dominant trend by drawing attention to thought- ful reflection and search for meaning as a necessary basis of every work, including clinical practice. The following review will reveal what the clinicians have said about this book. The searcher for meaning and values does not follow the footsteps of either Prometheus or Gilgamesh. This fortunate man searches for the spiritual in the material. He is the urol- ogist who denies his denomination. This is fortunate for the urologists who are what they claim to be because they are not so lucky. The fact that we did not recognize him is to our disadvantage and not his, and Leonis, Abudancis and Cleofa can peacefully sleep and dream because so long as the urologists who deny their name exist, their hospital will continue to be a garden into which the neighbors peer, re- gardless of how strongly the wind called Levanter with all its connotations blows, as the author beautifully says. Davor Trnski I was a bad student of bad schools in the bad times, tells us the author of the text Urology Denying Its Name . Af- ter you have read a text with the above title you will be forced to agree with the author·s statement in its entirety. If you do not read the text you do not lose anything. The author of this book perhaps is an urologist but the content of the book certainly is not urology. It is fortunate that its title confirms that. Anonymous Over the years, I had on my night table a wonderful book entitled The Treasure of the Latin Language by Doroghy Z. Matica hrvatska, Zagreb, 1966. Every evening before going to sleep I stole some w

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