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An environment for the development of operator training systems (OTS) from chemical engineering models

DOI: 10.1016/s1570-7946(05)80170-1
  • Model Visualization
  • Model Lifetime
  • Operator Training
  • Chemistry
  • Design
  • Engineering


Abstract In chemical engineering, process models obtain increasing importance. There are process models for the optimisation of the process strategy as well as process models for the development of advanced control strategies. Another example of the use of process models is the assessment of potential operational risks, hidden in complex reaction dynamics. These examples of process models may be referred to as engineering type models. Educational type process models represent another type. Both types of models serve specific sets of requirements. However, the frequent use of process models is restricted by the high investments, necessary for their development, combined with a relatively short lifetime. Reuse of a process model in an operator training system (OTS) is an efficient measure to prolong the lifetime, especially of an engineering type process model. The reuse task will be largely simplified, by an adequate development environment. The development environment introduced here is a combination of a coding framework, designed for the rapid design of process models and a commercial process control system. The coding framework provides tools for parameter estimation and verification, while the process control system is equipped with various tools for process control and process visualization. Models, developed in the coding framework are easily incorporated into the process control system, enabling software engineers to quickly generate a most realistic look and feel of the process. In combining the coding framework and the process control software, an elegant way to prolong the lifetime of a process model is established.

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