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Ribosomal protein S1 and NusA protein complexed to recombination protein beta of phage lambda.

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The red genes of bacteriophage lambda specify two proteins, exonuclease and beta protein, which are essential for general recombination of lambda in recA cells. Earlier studies suggested that these proteins form an equimolar complex (C. M. Radding, J. Rosenweig, F. Richards, and E. Cassuto, J. Biol. Chem. 246:2510-2512, 1971). A more recent study indicated that beta protein forms a strong complex with an unknown polypeptide of 70 kDa (K. Muniyappa and C. M. Radding, J. Biol. Chem. 261:7472-7478, 1986). In the present study, in addition to the complex of beta and the 70-kDa protein, a new association of beta protein with a 65-kDa protein was observed. N-terminal sequencing identified these proteins as host-encoded ribosomal protein S1 and transcription terminator protein NusA.

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