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The alleged priority of literal interpretation

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  • [Scco:Cogpsy] Cognitive Science/Cognitive Psychology
  • [Scco:Cogpsy] Science Cognitive/Psychologie Cognitive
  • [Shs:Langue:Pragmatics] Humanities And Social Sciences/Linguistics/Pragmatics
  • [Shs:Langue:Pragmatics] Sciences De L'Homme Et Société/Linguistique/Pragmatique
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  • [Shs:Langue:Semantics] Sciences De L'Homme Et Société/Linguistique/Sémantique
  • [Shs:Phil:Language] Humanities And Social Sciences/Philosophy/Philosophy Of Language
  • [Shs:Phil:Language] Sciences De L'Homme Et Société/Philosophie/Philosophie Du Langage


In this paper I argue against a widely accepted model of utterance interpretation, namely the LS model, according to which the literal interpretation of an utterance (the proposition literally expressed by that utterance) must be computed before non-literal interpretations can be entertained. Alleged arguments in favor of this model are shown to be fallacious, counterexamples are provided, and alternative models are sketched.

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