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정신지체장애자의 인지-지각 처리능력 향상을 위한 최적 인터페이스 디자인 모형 개발:다중감각 활성화를 위한 디자인 요소분석 및 심리적 평가기법의 적용

  • 정신지체
  • 지각처리
  • 디자인 요소
  • 다중 감각
  • Sensitivity
  • Mentally Retarded Children
  • Design


This study was to identify HCI design factors for increasing information processing and attention for mentally retarded children. Several factors such as size, location, moving distance were varied for three experiments operated by the amount of information. The results showed that the larger size of target, the greater moving distance of target, and the less amount of information increased mentally retarded children's sensitivity. Also, when the target was displayed at upper left of computer screen, sensitivity of mentally retarded children was high, compared other locations of screen.

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