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Zvláštnosti v přístupu radiologického asistenta k vyšetřování seniorů

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  • Klient
  • Geriatrie
  • Gerontopsychologie
  • Angiografie Počítačová Tomografie
  • Kontrastní Látky
  • Client
  • Geriatrics
  • Gerontopsychology
  • Angiography
  • Computer Tomography
  • Contrast Agents
  • Medicine


Peculiarities in the approach of radiological assistents to the examination of elderly patiens This bachelor thesis shows issues concerning the radiological worker in relation to older people. The title of the work is to specialize in radiology assistant access to seniors. I focused mainly on the need for diagnostic imaging in geriatric patients. These tests are for geriatric patients very important and beneficial in detecting and early identification accurate diagnosis. They are not demanding for the patient and burdensome. The theoretical part deals with a relatively detailed analysis of the life of the elderly in the Czech Republic, the behavior of geriatric patients and the development of his psyche. One chapter is devoted to the mystification of the dangers of digital imaging techniques and the use of contrast agents. Another part is devoted to radiation protection. It also happens that the employee is unwilling, unresponsive to patient and treats him accordingly. So I said examples of good and bad behaviour in hospitals. The old client needs special care which has become a problem for many people. The research part of the thesis has been compiling statistics on the use of diagnostic imaging in geriatric patients in private internal department. In the table are listed the initials of the patient: sex, age, primary diagnosis, type of diagnostic imaging, insurance, the cost of the method and the total price. The results obtained showed that a large proportion of the population uses the most conventional method of radiography, which is not challenging for patients. Traditional radiography, commonly known as the imaging is used in Central Europe from the 2nd half of 90th o f the 20 th century. Traditional radiography, commonly known as the imaging is used in Central Europe from the 2nd half of 90th o f the 20th century. This bachelor study demonstrated that awareness about patient safety, convenience and accessibility are very good.

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