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Adjustment of certain state monopolies. Information Memo P-2/70, January 1970

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COMMISSI0N DES COMMUNAUTES EUR0PEENNES. KOMMISSION OER EUROPAISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN . CoMMISSI0NE 0ELLE COMUNITA EUROPEE . COMMISSIE VAN DE EUFOPESE GEMEENSCHAPPEN . COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES GROUPE OU PORTE - F AROLE SPRECHERGRUPPE GRUPPO:DEL PORTA'VOCE BU REAU VAN::OE WOORDVOERD€R SPOKES'MAN'S...GROUP ') cl ' :ij ''.1.. : l : , )'lt ...I ':. l Bnreed1el January 1970 Adjustment of certain state monopotries ''' '-;'r . ,lj .: 'l r i' , .l -: ,': |..'1, j ''| ,. On 25 Noverrber and 23',Decenrber lg69r' the Commission',of the. llurqppan Comrmrni:bies addressed ,regornnenda,t,ions to thre.e,Member Sta,tes - the Fgder-al,,llqpublic of Germany, .!Ya.nce and Italy : erlr.the ad justruent , of, :geriain, qta,tB tmonopoliesi,r 'The recomrlq4dation to: Germanlr, flea;lit with the spirit,s, mgnopoly; the recommend,a'tion ,address:ed to &tarn€,e covered the potassium, ma,tches, Thomas' sl.,agr spiritsr gunpowdeF;,dnd . .grplosi-ves monopolies and also referred tq, Fbench impont arra,ngetB-ents for petroleum; the recommendation to ltaly dea,lt with thre monopqJ"ies in cigarette lighters, matches, cigarette papers, flints and salt" . , A:rtlcle- ]l ol the. l-lE0 Treaty r,equirles the J,[ember Sta.teg.-rtp,,adjust :theil ,gt:atqi.mopopolies in'such, a, way a,s to ensure'the exclusiprr,iOf all i,,,discr.rn1ina*.iou-between nati:ooal6 of the ,Vtrernber Sta,tes in the:ma.t:ter ofjrFupplieg ;srrfl 'markets by the end of the,transj-tiona,l period" . r. :'i,,,r 1,Th€ reoommendations just address€d:'to',the Member St.ates by the Cornrnissi.on pursuaht to Article 37(6) are conbBrned with the situation during 'the: definitive stage .of the coflnLoo: mafket' a.nd ind icat e the steps which, the Comm'ission feels the Member States sholrld take to exclude,suph discrimination" trt rmrst be stressed,. however* that'. respons.i,bility for::the actual' adjustnent falls on the Sta,tes thbmselves. All the Cornmission :ca,n'do, is to, issue recommendat:ions" fhis' me'a-ns ,:irthat th

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