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Hydrogen production and End-Uses from combined heat, hydrogen and power system by using local resources

Renewable Energy
DOI: 10.1016/j.renene.2014.05.054
  • Renewable Energy
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Chhp System
  • Hydrogen Recovery
  • Hydrogen End-Uses
  • Agricultural Science
  • Ecology


Abstract To address the problem of fossil fuel usage at the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus, using of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources can lower energy consumption and hydrogen use. Biogas, produced by anaerobic digestion of wastewater, organic waste, agricultural waste, industrial waste, and animal by-products is a potential source of renewable energy. In this work, we have discussed Hydrogen production and End-Uses from CHHP system for the campus using local resources. Following the resource assessment study, the team selects FuelCell Energy DFC1500™ unit as a molten carbonate fuel cell to study of combined heat, hydrogen and power (CHHP) system based on a molten carbonate fuel cell fed by biogas produced by anaerobic digestion. The CHHP system provides approximately 650 kg/day. The total hydrogen usage 123 kg/day on the university campus including personal transportation applications, backup power applications, portable power applications, and other mobility applications are 56, 16, 29, 17, and 5 respectively. The excess hydrogen could be sold to a gas retailer. In conclusion, the CHHP system will be able to reduce fossil fuel usage, greenhouse gas emissions and hydrogen generated is used to power different applications on the university campus.

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