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Efficiency and emissions in a vehicle spark ignition engine fueled with hydrogen and methane blends

Elsevier Ltd
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2012.04.012
  • Hydrogen Methane Blends
  • Brake Thermal Efficiency
  • Pollutant Emissions
  • Vehicle Si Engine
  • Fixed Ignition Timing


Abstract This paper shows the results of the tests carried out in a naturally aspirated vehicle spark ignition engine fueled with different hydrogen and methane blends. The percentage of hydrogen tested was up to 50% by volume in methane. The tests were carried out in a wide range of speeds with the original ignition timing of the engine. Also, lean equivalence ratios were proved. Just the fuel injection map was modified for each fuel blend and equivalence ratio tested. In this paper, the results of thermal efficiency and pollutant emissions achieved at full load have been compared with the corresponding gasoline test results. The best balance between thermal efficiency and pollutant emissions was observed with the 30% hydrogen and 70% methane fuel blend.

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