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The Comparative And Contrastive Issues Of Media Performance On Advertising In Nigeria

The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)


There are difficulties in the use of the available media comparatively and contrastively with elements that may impact positively or negatively on consumers as the media carries the messages to the target audience for decisions on choice of products. The products in the market place do not get adequate media exposure and consumers lack sufficient knowledge of what the market can offer. The use of survey was adopted and the population of study was the media, the agency, advertisers and selected consumers as judgemental sampling was used. The data collection was by questionnaire and interview and presented in percentages while analysis was by deductive reasoning. The findings were that the media in Nigeria – Electronic, print, out of home and other media lacked digital equipment, accessibility and availability for modern advertising that support mass marketing of products. The maximisation of the media has no substitute for success in advertising and has to provide sufficient information about products and markets to consumers in the target market. Keywords: Media, Advertising, Nigeria

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