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Vannak-e reáliák a spontán beszédben?

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  • P0 Philology. Linguistics / Filológia
  • Nyelvészet
  • Ph04 Hungarian Language And Literature / Magyar Nyelv és Irodalom
  • Linguistics


Some of the words that typically occur in spontaneous speech may have several functions. Some of these functions are not listed in dictionaries. Neither is their semantic background explored. The aim of this study was to show the functions of the Hungarian word szóval using context analysis and listeners’ judgements. The latter were used to highlight the decoding characteristics for the various functions of this word. 88 words were analyzed in a 180-minute spontaneous speech sample. Results show that speakers use the word szóval in six different functions: summary, conclusion, explanation, topic marker, filler word and discourse marker. We might conclude that this word behaves in spontaneous utterances as a kind of realia. Keywords: spontaneous speech, functions of szóval, listeners’ judgements, realia

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