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Ověřování dynamického multileaf kolimátoru

Publication Date
  • Imrt
  • Dozimetrická Separace Lamel
  • 2D Pole Seven 29
  • Multi-Leaf Kolimátor
  • Imrt
  • Dosimetric Lamellar Separation
  • 2D Array Seven 29
  • Multi-Lamellar Collimator
  • Medicine


In connection with introducing new technologies in radiotherapeutic centres, these are being equipped with linear accelerators featuring computer-controlled multi-lamellar colimators and radiotherapeutic technology with modulated intensity of the IMRT radiation bunch. The methodology of an independent test of the MLC collimator for the CLINAC 2100 C/D, so called dosimetric lamellar separation deals with measurement using the array seven 29. This method could supplement the test of the service stability in the radiotherapeutic centre of the Oncology department of the České Budějovice hospital.

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