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Role of surface texture of harder surface on subsurface deformation

Elsevier Science
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  • Materials Engineering (Formerly Metallurgy)
  • Mechanical Engineering


Plastic deformation and damage accumulation below the contact surfaces play an important role in sliding wear of ductile materials. In this study, metallographic techniques have been used to determine the extent of plastic deformation and strain localization events that occur at various depths beneath the worn surface in the subsurface zones of the ductile pins slid against harder plate with various surface textures. Results showed that the magnitude of plastic strain gradient and the depth of highly deformed zone correlate with coefficient of friction, which in turn depends on the surface texture of harder counterface, under both dry and lubricated conditions. It was also observed that the gradient of equivalent strain, as it approaches the worn surface, was higher under dry conditions when compared to that under lubricated conditions.

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