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Enterprise Knowledge Creation Entropy Theoretical Analysis and Knowledge Entropy Model Study

Canadian Research & Development Center of Sciences and Cultures
  • Model
  • Knowledge Creation
  • Entropy Theory


Entering the 21st century, the knowledge economy as a new economic realizes the alternative of intellectual resources of material resources in the economic operational process, and it can greatly save energy and improve economic efficiency. Thus the value of existence of the enterprises in the context of knowledge economy is that the enterprises can conduct knowledge creation, transfer and use more efficient compared with the market. In essence, enterprises are the entity of knowledge production, the peculiarity of it owned to the difference between knowledge production ability and using ability. This paper used the similarity fundamental of the cross and comprehensive of natural science and social science, and imported the basic principles of entropy theory in thermodynamics to study the mechanism of knowledge creation, the key pathways and mechanisms, pointed out that the knowledge entropy can greatly save energy and improve economic efficiency. At the same time constructed a mathematical model of knowledge creation, and pointed out that any enterprises must continue to carry out knowledge creation and knowledge transfer to increase negative entropy to promote sustained and have a healthy development. Key words: Entropy theory; Knowledge creation; Model

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