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Effect of Smear Layer on Sealing Ability of Canal Obturation: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

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þÿ (٠) Save to: more options Effect of smear layer on sealing ability of canal obturation: A systematic review and meta- analysis Author(s): Shahravan, A (Shahravan, Arash); Haghdoost, AA (Haghdoost, Ali-Akbar); Adl, A (Adl, Alireza); Rahimi, H (Rahimi, Hessam); Shadifar, F(Shadifar, Fahimeh) Source: JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS Volume: ٣٣ Issue: ٢ Pages: ٩٦-١٠٥ DOI: ١٠٫١٠١٦/j.joen.٢٠٠٦٫١٠٫٠٠٧ Published: FEB ٢٠٠٧ Times Cited: ٣٧ (from Web of Science) Cited References: ١٥٠ [ view related records ] Citation Map Abstract: The purpose of this systematic review was to determine whether smear layer removal reduces leakage of obturated human teeth in vitro. PubMed was searched for articles published between ١٩٧٥ and ٢٠٠٥, and results were categorized based on the method of leakage test. Among ٢٦ eligible papers with ٦٥ comparisons, ٥٣٫٨٪ of the comparisons reported no significant difference, ٤١٫٥٪ reported a difference in favor of removing thesmear layer, and ٤٫٧٪ reported a difference in favor of keeping it; differences were significant (p < ٠٫٠٠١). Of the ٦٥ comparisons, ٤٤ used the dye leakage test for evaluation. The combined effect in this group showed smear layer removal decreases dye leakage (z-score = ٠٫٣٧, z = ٢٫٣١, p = ٠٫٠٢١). According to meta-regression, obturation type, test site and duration, sealer and dye, and publication year had no effect on the results. Under the conditions of these in vitro leakage studies, it is concluded that smear layer removal improves the fluid-tight seal of the root canal system whereas other factors such as the obturation technique or the sealer, did not produce significant effects. Accession Number: WOS:٠٠٠٢٤٣٨٨٩٠٠٠٠٠٢ Document Type: Review Language: English Author Keywords: canal seal; meta-analysis; obturation; smear layer; systematic review KeyWords Plus: PERCHA ROOT FILLINGS; ENDODONTICALLY TREATED TEETH; DENTIN BONDING AGENT; GLASS-IONOMER SEALER; SCANNING ELECTRON-MICROSCOPY; BONDED

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