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¿Que significado le asignan un grupo de mujeres a las actividades para sí mismas?

Universidad de Chile. Facultad de Medicina
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  • Ocupación
  • Significado
  • Actividades Para Si Mismas
  • Calidad De Vida
  • Occupation
  • Meaning
  • Activity To Herself
  • Quality Of Life


A study done in July 2007 among 450 women in Santiago, Chile showed there has been enormous life style changes for women who work outside the home as well as take charge of domestic chores including caring for their families. The study showed that the majority (60%) of the women interviewed were suffering from stress as a result of these responsibilities and the lack of time they had to dedicate to their own needs. Within the context of occupational science and based on using this activity as way of better understanding their lives; done as a qualitative research, with loosely-structured interviews consisting of 7 open questions relating to the work carried out by themselves. The questions were an exploration of their family life, their role in it and the significance of their activities. Results show that the interviewees consider that it is important to carry out activities for their own benefit, but, at the end of the day, they don't (75%).They do admit to having had them in the past (100%), but they abandoned them due to a job, more family responsibilities o for seeing it as an additional obligation (75%). Their families don't object to them doing those duties but they don't contribute to making them possible either.Conclusion: We could confirm a strong imbalance in the occupational pattern of the interviewees, which turns this into a risk situation and occupational alienation.

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