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Grant of aid from the EAGGF Guidance Section. Regulation No. 17/64/EEC. 2nd installment 1979. Information Memo P-5/80, January 1980

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KOMMISSIONEN FOR DE EUROPIEISKE FIELLESSKABERS _ KOMMISSION DER EUROPAISCHEN GEMEINSCHAFTEN_ COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN.COMMUNITIES - COMMISSION DES COMMUNAUTES EUROPFENNES - COMMISSIONE DELLE COMUNITA EUROPEE _ COMMISSIE VAN DE EUROPESE GEMEENSCHAPPEN P-5 TALSMANDLNS GRUPPE 5PRF('HERGRUPPE JFOKESVAN S GROUF CROUPL I]L] PORTF.PAROLE GRUPPC) I]FL PORTAVOCE BURF AU VA\ I)F WOORDVOERTIER II{FORMATIOI{ I. H ffi ffi & ffi Y II{TtlRMAT(lRISCHE AUFZEICHl{UI{G INFORMATI(lI{ MEMtl Brussets, JanuarY 1980 GRANT 0F AID FR0l4 THE EAG-qI GUIDANCE SECTION REG'LATION NO 17/64/EEC TD-INSTALT'IENT 1979 N{lTE I)'II'IF(|RMATItlI{ N(lTA D'INF(IRMAZI(lNI TER D(|CUMEI{TIE 755 467 EUA toThe commission of the European communities has granted aid of 17 48 projects under Regutation 17/64/EEC, second'instaLment 1979. The aid granted can be broken down as folLows: No of projects 26 226 48 of 30 926 4t+B Dttl Aid in national currency 30 926 448 Dlvl 061 029 339 LIT Aid in EUA 12 459 540 295 9?7 F. R. GERMANY I TALY Th-' i.,l*.r.- of GgqggU. received a totat - 10 projects concerning farm roads received 10 173 446 Dll' This was fOr the bLriLding of farm noads in Baden-wlirttemberg, Bavaria (5) Hesse and schLeswig-HoLste'in(&nd afforestation and countryside improvement work in Hesse' - 1t* projects which received 13 545 375 DM concerned work on improving water suppLies in North Rhine-westphaLia Q) and in Lower Saxony(12)' - l miscetlaneous projects, 7 2O7 627 Dl'tlt concerned the reptanting of virreyards in Bavaria and in Rhinetand-Palatinate' Ita|yreceived60610zg33gLIrfor22projectsasfotLows: - g for farm roads amounting to z 71g 251 342 Lll for the construction cf improvement of farm roads in the prov'ince of ALexandria, Ascoli Piceno and Macerata (1 project) Brindisi (2), Foggi a, Livorno, Lucca, Reggio di caLabria and T'rrin' 17 755 467 tor 26 projects as foLLows: 816 LIT for the construction of Genoa, lmPeria, Pesaro and Verona'- 5 projects concerning waterworks

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