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Necrosis retinal aguda en un paciente pediátrico con leucemia aguda

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  • Acute Retinal Necrosis
  • Varicella- Zoster
  • Pediatrics
  • Necrosis Retinal Aguda
  • Varicela-Zoster
  • Pediatría
  • Medicine


Acute retinal necrosis (ARN) is a serious condition that can impair vision. It mostly occurs in adult patients, especially those severely immunocompromised, in association with a reactivation of a herpes virus infection. We present a 4 years old patient with high risk acute leukemia, whom during a course of intense chemotherapy acquired chickenpox with visceral involvement that affected the retina, causing unilateral blindness. Varicella-zoster virus was detected by PCR in the vitreous humor, in spite of previous acyclovir treatment. The contralateral vision remained undamaged.

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