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Mantoux skin test reactivity among household contacts of hiv-infected and hiv un-infected patients with sputum smear positive TB in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

East African Public Health Association
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Objective: To compare the prevalence of Tuberculosis (TB) infection as demonstrated by a positive Mantoux skin test (MST) amonghousehold contacts of sputum smear positive (SSP) HIV infected and un-infected TB patients.Methods: A cross-sectional study of household contacts of patients with TB (index cases) attending Muhimbili National Hospital, andTB clinics of Infectious Disease Control Centre and Municipal hospitals in Dar es Salaam. Index cases with SSP-TB and aged „d18 years had their HIV serostatus determined by ELISA. Contacts of index cases aged „d1 year received intradermal protein-purified derivative (Mantoux test) and results were read after 72 hours. Infected contacts (MST-positive) received medical evaluation to exclude TB disease.Results: The overall prevalence of TB infection among contacts of HIV infected and un-infected index cases were 61.6% and 62.5%respectively, (OR 1.04 [95% CI 0.61 ¡V 1.76], p=0.887). Factors associated with an increased risk of TB infection among contacts ofboth HIV infected and un-infected index cases were: older age of contacts („d25 years), duration of living with index case prior to TBdiagnosis of „d 1 year, and sharing a room with index case. Infectiousness to their contacts was higher among female compared to male index cases.Conclusions: The proportion of household contacts of SSP PTB index cases with a positive MST was high and uninfluenced by theHIV serostatus of the index case. Efforts towards contact tracing and screening for TB among close contacts of SSP PTB patientsshould be enhanced.

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